"I'm quickly realizing that it's not what I leave behind for the world to see, but how I teach my sons to see the world.” - Ben Lowy


Product: Sony
Directors & Cinematographers: Lowy + Lacar
Scriptwriters: Abby Sher & Marvi Lacar



"As photographers, we're incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel, meet different people, experience new cultures and learn from countless stories. We wanted to share the value of those experiences with our children. We were extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to take our children to the Philippines, my country of birth, for the filming of Legacy Part 2. We hope that they grow up to be curious, understand the value of measured risks, not fear change, face their discomfort, and grow up believing that kindness is not weakness.” - Marvi Lacar


Product: Plae
Directors: Lowy + Lacar
Stylist: Marissa Adele

Director's Cut
Client: Beaumont
Agency: Doner
Producer: Pogo Pictures

Director's Cut
Client: Humana
Agency: Rapp
Producer: Pogo Pictures

Client: United World Wrestling Federation

Product: Nike

Client: Turner Media