We love gear and we love discounts, so here's a list of products and services we love and discounts you can get if you click the link.


Think Tank

We love THINK TANK. These bags have lasted us through so many assignments and rugged travels. To top it off, they have great customer service! Click on the button to get free gear with every order over $50.



We drop TILE on all our keys and bags. We've been known to attach it to our children at times. These come in handy when you just want to make sure that your gear made it on the same plane you're on. 



We can't remember the last time we took a regular city cab. LYFT is convenient and we also don't have to deal with those annoying paper receipts that somehow gets lost right before invoicing clients. Here's a $50 discount code for first time users.



Same as idea. Different Company.



No comparison, MOO has been the best printing service for business cards and marketing postcards. Click on the button below to send us an email and we will email you back a referral code for 15% off if you're a first time user. I know, it is a bit convoluted but for some reason they don't have discount codes, just referral emails.



Our work is physically demanding so it is important that we stay fit. Exercise becomes a bit of a logistical nightmare when traveling so we use FITOCRACY. Here's a $20 discount code for your first enrollment with any program.